Advantages of Thermo-Treated Lumber

Why use Thermo-Treated Products?

  • Ecologically Friendly
    No added toxic chemicals and ecologically friendly. Thermo-Wood respects the highest “GREEN” environmental standards and can be transported, handled and machined safely.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
    Thermo-treatment results in rich brown hues varying from amber brown to a dark brown, while highlighting its grain. End results can be comparable to coloring of exotic wood while ensuring the use of domestic North American Species.
  • Natural Beauty and Solution
    Ecologically friendly, resistant to mold and fungus, durable and useable for exterior application makes thermo-treated wood the ideal replacement for Chemically Treated products.



  • Thermo Treated Lumber resistant to insect and pests
    Being subjected to high temperatures during the thermo-treatment process will neutralize the wood by destroying all of the micro-organisms present and prevents the infestation by insects or other pests.
  • A dimensionally stable product
    The thermo treatment process strengthens the molecular structure of the wood which gives it greater dimensional stability. Thermo wood develops a greater resistance to warping, swelling or shrinking regardless of variations in temperature and humidity.